Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Okay…okay…seriously–Mitt is the Man who Can

What’s wrong with you people?

Don’t you know that Mitt “Richie Rich” Romney has created thousands of jobs… in China, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam? His Bain Industries has successfully bought and shut down American factories for years while making a tidy profit. Mitt knows money.

So what more do you need to know? Mitt generates jobs and that’s what a CEO President does okay?

You cab be assured that “Mitt the Flip Flop” is serious – he really wants to be the Chief Executive Pooba next President and give tax breaks to the wealthy.

Don’t like it? Get over it! Mitt is the Great Republican White Hope.

Do you seriously see yourself voting for this Mormon moron?

Vote Dave for President…he thinks the president should do a lot more than make money for his wealthy friends!


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