Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ask Mitt Anything–He’ll Answer You If He Feels Like It

Mitt Romney's campaign -also known as the “No Substance Tour” - is weathering increasing media scrutiny because he won’t address major issues on anything but his own terms.

This clever approach in itself has become an issue.

The latest example: the presumptive Republican nominee's general refusal to opine directly on today's Supreme Court decision striking down many aspects of Arizona's tough immigration law, but upholding another controversial component.

Romney's statement sidestepped the decision itself in an initial written statement, and turned its scrutiny toward President Obama.

The press has started to take note of Romney's availability. He routinely shuns questions on the rope line after events about current issues, and his press availabilities are few and far between.

Romney has doggedly refused to offer specifics about some of the most consequential issues this year.

Can someone win the presidency without giving his views or plans for the future, by simply focusing on one subject: the economy? Mitt looks like he plans to find that out.


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