Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wisconsin recall: the candidate with the most money will win…

It’s not funny. It’s about money. And how it’s stripping away all pretenses of fair elections.

I predict Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will NOT be recalled because he’s raised more money than his Democratic opponent.

Walker and supporting groups have spent $23 million thus far to keep him in office. Tom Barrett (his opponent), the Democratic mayor of Milwaukee, and labor groups, have spent $12.4 million, by contrast. Game set.

The candidate able to send out the most propaganda generally wins. Money talks and everything else walks, both in politics and business.

Will the same be true for the Presidential campaign? Will the candidate who has the most money be the winner? I think the answer is, yes.

With the Supreme Corporate Court’s “Citizen’s United” decision, all pretenses of buying the Oval Office are off. It’s no secret. Corruption has been legitimized by the power of money.

We can keep track of who raises the most money daily. It’ll be one way of knowing whose running ahead in the race.

Maybe we ought to look at this twisted development and start a national lottery based upon who guesses the right amount of funds raised in a week of campaigning?

Coming up with the exact amount ought to be a good challenge for gamblers with a political leaning. Meanwhile, Democracy in America is a laughable myth.



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  1. Sadly you myabe correct, however, I blame the citizens for not looking beyond the election signs and BS commericals.


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