Sunday, July 15, 2012

Darth Cheney helps Mutt raise $8 million in Wyoming

Darth Cheney welcomed Mutt to the Dark Side in a recent fund raiser, and said he feels good about him being able to handle another 9/11 type attack if it should occur.

Hello? Based on what? The man was born with a golden spoon in his yap and the most dangerous thing he ever faced was getting kicked out of school for bullying a kid. With the help of fellow bully boys, he cut a young man’s hair off because he thought he was a homosexual.

Sounds like presidential material to me. In Bizzaro World! Faced with a crisis, Mutt would shit his pants and start hyperventilating!

Personally, I think Darth is slipping. He’s already backed one brainless loser with money and his mouth, and now he’s found a bigger one to support.

But, I know Darth is sly. The Puppet Master sees someone easily swayed on issues (meet the flip flop man) and that might be enough for him to work with behind the scenes and to sneak back into power himself.

I’m watching you Darth!

Vote for Dave. He recognizes trouble when he sees it!    


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