Sunday, July 1, 2012

Health care mandate maddens Republicans–Mutt promises to pay back majority for ruling

Daryl Cagle /,

The new official line for Richie Rich is about repealing insurance coverage for millions, something that has finally ignited the hot heads on the extreme right who have felt lukewarm about the Republican soon-to-be-nominee.

With sexy lines like “I’m repealing Obama Care on the first day of my presidency, Mutt suddenly looks good to the Tea Party set and other assorted wackaloons looking for something unreasonable to support.

The Koch brothers couldn’t be prouder of Mutty Boy, and he can expect more support from them during this presidential campaign.

I believe that the Republicans will pay a big political price for spending 18 months choosing obstruction and extremism to protect insurance companies instead of consumers and millionaires instead of Medicare.

Making the Affordable Care Act a centerpiece for ousting Obama is going to appeal to a lot of conservatives, but their numbers will be dwarfed by those Americans who are happy to have the new system.

Mutt and his posse make think this attack on our health care system for all is going to get them a ride to the White House, but I seriously doubt it.

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