Friday, July 20, 2012

Rush Limbaugh: Batman is like Mitt Romney Dave: Limbaugh is like the Joker

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Batman and Mutt? Comparing the two is like comparing Superman with Boy George!

Bat shit crazy conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said that the name of the villain in "The Dark Knight Rises" was a dig at GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Okay…

And now, Limbaugh has said that billionaire Bruce Wayne is similar to Romney. Wait a minute! Back up bucko!

Limbaugh said that the fact that the movie's villain was named Bane was somehow tied to the fact that Romney once headed up financial services firm Bain Capital. Okay…

Ii’s pretty apparent Limbaugh never recovered from his Oxycontin addiction, because he’s busy talking thru his ass again. 

For the record, Bane the villain was introduced in comic books in 1993, before Romney was nationally known. Don’t tell Rush that though, because he really hates facts!

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