Thursday, August 30, 2012

Preacher Huckabee sets the table for Ryan at RNC

It was inspiring.

The Right-Wing, Tea Party set were ecstatic as Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee serving up red meat to Republicans at their national convention.

His job was to rally the really extreme conservatives behind the party’s boy… Mutt.

The former Southern Baptist preacher was at his jolly best handing out meaningless platitudes and making political jokes. Here’s a sampling of his God-inspired speech:

"No small differences among us in our party approximate the vast differences between the liberty-limiting, radical left-wing, anti-business, reckless-spending, tax-hiking party of Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, versus an energized America who knows that we can do better." 

Now be honest…didn’t that give you goose bumps? It was just that kind of evening.

Good old Huckabee was a great selection to whip up the wackaloons.

His most recent extreme credential came when he stood by idiot-boy and senate candidate Akin after his stupid rape gaffe when most GOPer’s said Akin should step down.

Good job Huck!

Wait a minute! I thought I heard some AR-15’s firing celebratory rounds out in the RNC convention parking lot after your rousing rhetoric.

I’ll go check on that and get back with my readers tomorrow.

This lambasting was approved by the Campaign to Elect Dave

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