Friday, August 31, 2012

Romney rambles on about Good Old Days; recounts early years with Bain

When Mutt promised that we would have our freedom of religion restored if he was elected last night at the RNC, I nearly wept in relief.

Delivered! No more having to bow to Allah like the last four years with Obama.

Christians will be granted immunity with the new ruling Church of the Corporate State – The Mormon Church – which will lead all good GOP members to the promised land.

That wasn’t all that impressed me with Mutt’s speech. Oh, hell no. He’s going to balance the nation’s budget in four years, beef up our war machine so the world knows whose boss, then drill baby drill!

There’s more: Mutt will see to it that there’s tax cuts for the wealthy, immunity for himself when an eventual real audit proves he’s been dodging taxes like a bandit all his life with Bain, and other good things for his corporate buddies.

You know, stuff like no regulations. But in the end, looking like a cardboard cutout from a 1950 paper doll collection, and promising a return to….drum roll…..he promised a return of the…GOOD OLD DAYS!

Lordie! Lordie! The Tea Party members who took over the convention were on their feet and chanting…”We Love Ayn Rand!”

Meanwhile, newly minted Veep, Paulie Ryan, tried to explain that he doesn’t believe in everything Rand does…just the parts when she says “business is good.”

Yea right, Paulie. I seem to remember that interview in 2005, when you said your entire staff had to read Rand’s ramblings and you agreed with everything she said. Hell, you even said you grew up inspired by the bitter old bitch!

Anyway, the takeaway is that Mutt’s speech was as inspiring as a tooth being removed without pain killers.

At times the rhetoric got so thick the audience seemed to slip into a daze and then would snap out of it when the teleprompters told them to clap, or shout boo, or in some cases, “Go over the top!” – at which point everyone would stand up and pretend to clap wildly after Mutt said something.

GOP chorus as red-white-and-blue balloons fell after Mutt’s speech:

“Vote Romney and Ryan if you love Ayn Rand and the wealthy people of this land!”

(catchy tune eh?”)

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