Friday, August 12, 2011

GOP primary debates was like watching a puppet show


I’ll just go ahead and say it, somewhere in Iowa last night, a group of politicos gathered and they sucked!

Romney, who can buy and sell all of his competition a couple of times over (the guy’s got $250 million) looked sharp out there as he explained how corporations are people too.

His opponents seemed in awe of all of his money (or something) and didn’t even bother picking on him. Romney was untouchable.

Bachmann and Pawlenty traded some punches and pretended they didn’t like each other. Santorum and Paul picked at each other like two molting rosters, but neither came away looking good.

Huntsman was there. I’m not sure why. He mumbled something about favoring civil unions among gays and how he was a moderate kind of guy – which was kinda daring considering all the wide-eyed Tea Party fringe surrounding him.

Only Gingrich showed any signs of life by being argumentative and entertaining at the same time. He’s got to figure out how to properly explain why his whole campaign staff ditched him, while claiming to be a leader.

And not to be left out of the circus in Iowa, Palin stopped by just to say hi to fair-goers. She winked (she’s going to have to do something about that twitch) at the crowd and coyly suggested she’s still thinking about running for president.

But, the real winner of the GOP debate was Rick Perry (who wasn’t even there) because he’s kicking all of their asses in the polls and is going to announce his bid for the presidency (God told him to go for it after holding a prayer meeting for 25,000 wealthy conservatives and corporations) Saturday.




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