Saturday, January 14, 2012

Being President is about serving the people–not running a profit center for corporations

I don’t believe a president should be a good CEO. The presidency is not about running a profitable business (listen up Wall Street).

Unless you can show me where in the Constitution it says the leader of these united states should be making a profit, I think it’s safe to say the president is supposed to serve the people. Serve. Not run a corporation.

So what’s all this crap about about electing a business man (toady to corporations) to run our country? The GOP seems to think the common American would be comfortable with a corporate stooge leading them.

Of course, the GOP is ignoring Occupy and millions of Americans who are saying they’ve had enough of corporations. And Wall Street.

Case in point:

Mitt Romney defends his time at Bain Capital by bringing up a company called Steel Dynamics that now has 6,000 employees.

The problem with using Steel Dynamics as a defense of his time at Bain as just being “free enterprise” at work is that the company received $37 million in government subsidies.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see someone who wasn’t a puppet for the 1% er’s as our next president.

Right now, I’m your best bet… (that’s scary isn’t it?)

Vote Dave in November! 


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