Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GOP Big Top Circus moves to South Carolina

With the amount of hot air generated from the ongoing GOP reality game – Let’s Pick a Contender” – you could launch a fleet of hot air balloons.

Just an observation after the latest GOP Primary in New Hampshire.

Another observation: The circus-like atmosphere surrounding these insightful debates are exposing the candidates true identities as clowns. Yes, I know I’ve pointed this out before, but there’s really no getting around it.

I figure the most successful clown will be promoted by a staff inspired by the Ringling Brothers. The candidate with the best ringmaster stands the best chance of putting on a great show for the public.

The public does like to be entertained. Clowning around aside, I think we can all expect a good show in South Carolina and the rest of the primary states.

Fifty-six percent of Tuesday’s voters thought Romney would be most likely to beat Obama in November; the runner-up in that category was Rep. Ron Paul of Texas with only 15 percent and only 11 percent saw former ambassador to China Jon Huntsman as most likely to defeat Obama.

So I expect the South Carolina Big Top to feature the Three Stooges in the Center Ring and the remaining clowns frolicking about talking trash and getting laughs.

In rare moments, I admit this GOP selection process is really fun to follow. It has it’s sickening moments and if you listen to any of the candidates for too long you  risk the possibility of permanent brain damage.

I protect myself with a “shit meter” and when it hit’s overload I quickly turn off the TV, radio, and stop reading anything to do with politics. It’s the only way for me to cover this GOP circus safely.

One more thing, I don’t see any of the clowns being a challenge to me…maybe Obama…but I think I have the inside track with those who hate politicians!

Vote Dave in November!

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