Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recent roller coaster polls and political cartoons


While Rick Santorum & Mitt Romney are currently battling each other for a victory in the Michigan Republican Primary on February 28th, it doesn’t appear that President Obama will have much of a battle on his hands against either of them in Michigan this November.

Santorum Sweater Vests

The big news besides Obama’s large lead is that Santorum is actually the Republican who does the best against Obama which pokes another hole in the Romney “electability” argument.

According to this new general election polling from PPP, Obama holds a double digit lead against all of his prospective Republican challengers.

Obama 50% Rick Santorum 39% (+11)
Obama 54% Mitt Romney 38% (+16)
Obama 52% Ron Paul 34% (+18)
Obama 56% Newt Gingrich 34% (+22)

Obama beat John McCain by 16% points in 2008 (57% to 41%.)


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