Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Supreme Court will rue the day it passed the ‘Citizens United’ decision

 After receiving the country’s highest honor for civilians, The Presidential Medal of Freedom Award from President Obama, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens…

“…took a poke at the controversial Citizens United decision Wednesday night and said his former colleagues have probably already had second thoughts about it.

The 2010 decision paved the way for the SuperPACs to which wealthy individuals, corporations, and labor unions can give unlimited amounts of money to support or oppose candidates.  Stevens was among the justices who dissented in the court's 5-4 ruling.

In remarks prepared for delivery at the University of Arkansas, Stevens predicted that the court will soon be forced to issue rulings that will undermine a key part of the Citizens United ruling -- that the First Amendment "prohibits the suppression of political speech based on the speaker's identity," including the fact that the speaker is a corporation.

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