Thursday, July 26, 2012

Biden’s Back: He accuses Mutt of not understanding firefighters

You can almost see Obama cringe when Biden speaks to the public. He’s never sure what his “attack dog” will say.

Biden…being Biden, likes to infuse dramatics into his speeches in an attempt to rally the faithful. I don’t think he screwed up too badly this time. He just carried the party line.

“Mitt Romney doesn't "get" fire fighters, Vice President Joe Biden charged Wednesday, marking the complete return to political combat after last weekend's pause following the Colorado theater shooting.

Speaking to over 3,000 fire fighters at their annual convention in Philadelphia, the vice president said that Romney "means well" but that he and his party fail to grasp the motives of public sector workers who put their lives in jeopardy for others in their communities.” (source)

Mutt’s campaign quickly responded with a statement from Fred Donnelly, a retired battalion chief of the Philadelphia fire department:

“Joe Biden can come to Philadelphia, and he can try and tell the hard working men and women of this city that he understands what we’ve been going through. But no matter what he says, he can’t cover up the words of the president," Donnelly said.

"The President may think the private sector is ‘doing fine.’  He may want small businesspeople to believe that they ‘didn’t build that.’  But we know that he is simply out of touch with the struggles that middle-class Americans are going through, and that he doesn’t understand what drives the American economy.” (source)

I’d rate this exchange between these luminaries as rhetoric-as-usual, maybe a 3 on the creditability scale of 10.

Hell, I can have done better by saying Mutt doesn’t understand anyone who earns under a million a year.

As for Mutt’s handler’s reply, they may want to work on that part about being out-of-touch with the middle class…as Mutt is hardly in touch with anyone who doesn’t run a corporation or bank.


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